In psychodynamic counselling all clients are treated with respect, unconditional positive regard and given a safe, suitable place to be able to talk, the relationship with the client is central in psychodynamic counselling. Through establishing a trusting relationship, I can help a client bring their unconsciousness into consciousness allowing the client the opportunity to explore their inner dynamic feelings enabling therapeutic change. I aim to explore with clients their issues in detail, going back to their childhoods, looking at past patterns of behaviour, looking at their history, defences and unconsciousness. The work may also include work on attachments, object relations, transference and self- psychology. Psychodynamic therapy aims to address the foundations of a client’s psychological processes, to help clients reduce their symptoms and problems and hopefully improve their lives. It looks at the way the mind is active and not static and that there is an inter-personnel aspect of all relationships between one’s self and all that is around us and inside us.

The client is treated as a blank canvas in psychodynamic counselling, there is no preconceived ideas or judgements to be made, each person comes to therapy with their own unique story and take on life.

Through psychodynamic therapy the client will become more self-aware, learn and understand their own patterns of behaviour and how past life events can have shaped their current circumstances. I work on the basis that all clients have the capacity for self-reflection and have an in-built natural curiosity to understand their behaviours and internal life.